The primary difference between the USA and the CCCP was simply that the USA inflicted horrors on other people while the CCCP was stupid enough to inflict horrors on its own people. The CIA’s entire history can be read as a fascist program to impose right-wing dictatorships on most of the world’s population. Tim Weiner’s book Legacy of Ashes uses public records to document how the CIA was used by successive Administrations to install and prop up ultra-right-wing regimes around the world, often killing democratically elected leaders in the process. But do US citizens ever learn about these things? Would they even care? My 27 years in the USA left me convinced that few people are less interested in reality that those living in the 50 States. People are brought up on a Disneyesque fantasy and live inside it their entire lives. So long as there’s a McSlop on every corner and a new action movie out every couple of weeks, people are content to be fat, dumb, & content. Which is why no one knows about the KMT’s atrocities. They were on “our” side and so necessarily they were the “good guys” too. Just like us.

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