The problem for the Democrats is simple: Trump voters will vote for Trump regardless of his stupidity, his incompetence, and the fact he is an utterly repellent creature without any redeeming qualities. Biden, however, excites few among those upon whose votes his bid depends. Worse still, he and other Democratic politicians seem to think that the things which matter to them (covid-19, etc.) matter to Trump voters. This is hilariously misguided. Trump voters don't think about issues in the same way at all, so trying to undermine Trump by appealing to such issues is a waste of time. The only way to reduce the number of votes Trump will receive is to humiliate him repeatedly and absolutely; unfortunately due to the present hysteria about covid-19, no in-person debates will occur and so Trump will sail through unscathed - although Biden, like Clinton, would likely never have realized humiliation is the only tactic that could embarrass a tiny number of Trump supporters sufficiently that they would remain at home on polling day. In summary, Trump is almost certain to win because his base is solid (the moron vote) while the Democrats, as is so often the case, remain clueless and internally divided.

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