The problem is that we humans are just monkeys with clever toys, which means we have nearly zero capacity for rational thought and even less capacity for rational behavior. Work-from-home should have become the norm more than a decade ago, but it didn't. Why? Because unless a company is 100% work-from-home, whoever is in the office (near the boss...) will benefit and those absent will suffer. Managers love to see "their" people at their desks as a sign of "commitment" and all the primitive social hardwiring we carry around makes this essential. Furthermore, especially in the USA, many people rely on work for their social life, having next to nothing outside of working hours. Staring at a screen while slumped on one's sofa is not emotionally gratifying, so a random chat with a co-worker counts for a lot when one is socially deprived. Factor all of this (and much more) into the equation and it's clear we'll still be going into the office despite the absurdity of the thing, decades from now.

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