The problem with the argument comes in several parts. First of all, discontent with policing isn't because of "a small basket" of officers - it's because the entire US police system is hopelessly wrong from top to bottom. Over 1,000 people are killed by US police each year, compared to fewer than 30 across all European nations (which hold 500 million people versus the USA's 330 million). European police don't throw stun grenades into people's homes at 3am on warrantless searches to issue... a parking ticket summons. As for prosecuting looters, a great idea, except... we can be 100% certain that most of those prosecuted and convicted would be black, even if 90% of the looting was done by white men. Of course the violence and looting is totally counter-productive, stupid, and atavistic. But the attitude demonstrated in the article is naive.

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