The problem with the argument presented in this article is that it fails to understand the fundamental dynamics in play. As is too often the case, US actors focus entirely on the USA and thus miss the picture entirely. The fact the GoP has turned into a neo-fascist organization, the fact that a vile orange imbecile became president - these are merely symptoms, and it is always futile to address symptoms rather than the root cause. Let's stop being myopic and look around the globe. What do we see? We see similar symptoms everywhere: Brexit and the modern UK Tory Party descending into the same anti-law slogan-based authoritarianism as the US Republican Party. We see Erdogan and Modi and Babis and Orban and Le Pen now standing an excellent chance of becoming France's next president. We see Bolsonaro. Even in the civilized nations of Germany and Scandinavia we see far-right parties making gains through the glories of populism. Why is this happening? Because representative democracy, as Plato correctly observed more than 2,500 years ago, favors the blustering demagogue who promises the simple-minded easy solutions. The demagogue ignores reality and creates a narrative that appeals to people's emotions - especially the people who feel themselves to be at the bottom of the pile. The demagogue rises to power on the backs of the ignorant and foolish, who adore him for the lies he tells them. Remember: Hitler didn't seize power; he was democratically elected. Even though Mussolini marched on Rome to seize power, a majority of Italians loved his posturing and his promises to make Italy great again. Ordinary people are the reason why the Trumps of this world triumph. And that's why what we really need is not some pathetic attempt to create a new political party but instead to re-evaluate our absurd attachment to representative democracy. Any system that delivers the current GoP, Trump, Brexit, Orban, Modi, et al is clearly in need of replacement. Unless we take a global view and grasp the fact that Trump is not primarily a US phenomenon, we will never understand what is really happening and thus will never understand what the real remedy should be.

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