The Roman Catholic Church was for nearly a thousand years the greatest commercial enterprise the world has ever known. It's not surprising they would go to any lengths to protect their revenue streams (the tithes etc. extorted from the ignorant poor). And when your only formula is meaningless incantations in a language few understand, the real-world efficacy of herbal healers was clearly a direct threat to the Church's revenue streams. We should be grateful to the Catholic Church for demonstrating clearly and unambiguously the inevitable dangers inherent in pretending children's fairytales have any validity. Once people believe in one kind of nonsense, they will believe in and accept any other kind of nonsense. Just look at today's evangelicals in their unwavering support of the infantile moron Trump because "he's doing god's work." Until we educate our children more adequately so they they can no longer believe in magic pixies, we will always be at risk of mindlessness and brutality masquerading as "god's work."

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