The same problem has persisted in Europe since the 1950s also. Partially it’s because academia is a great place to hide, so when one is clinging to specious notions for which there could be employment consequences in the real world one will tend to look for environments in which such notions are an aid rather than a handicap. It’s notable that tedious old Marxist rubbish is prevalent among those working in the so-called social sciences but largely absent among those working in the “hard” sciences. This is most likely because the latter remain insulated from reality throughout their careers while the latter are engaged deeply with reality every single day.

And to make my own personal bias perfectly clear: I’m a Liberal in the J.S. Mill sense of the word, with deep respect for Hume and others clever enough to avoid following blindly someone else’s mythology. I detest the world’s so-called conservatives (these days merely low-IQ populist rabble-rousers) and prefer an academia filled with ineffectual pseudo-Marxists over an academia filled with conservatives merely because the former are utterly ineffectual whereas the latter are actively poisonous.

That said, an academia filled with personnel of greater intellectual ability and much less desire to spout the nonsense of a secular religion (Marxism) would be the best option of all. Perhaps one day…

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