The thing is, Trump and the Republican Party can be neo-fascists not because they seized power by storming Washington DC with armed brigades (pace Mussolini) but because nearly 43 million US citizens were stupid enough to fall for the most pathetically inadequate lies and infantile behavior. These 43 million aren't going away; indeed, the worse things become the more their tiny brains will scream out for "strong leadership" which of course translates into ever-greater violence against ordinary citizens and the imposition of a totalitarian regime. But we can't be too hard on the USA's 43 million morons: 2,500 years ago Plato pointed out that democracy always ends in tyranny simply because so many people in any society are incredibly dim-witted and gullible. So, ultimately, it's easy to dupe them and win their support, after which one simply holds on to power for as long as possible. Thus Trump and the GoP are symptoms of the fact democracy is a truly awful system of governance and hopefully in a thousand years or so, after the next long Dark Ages has passed, people will develop far more adequate approaches.

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