The title is a little misleading. While it is absolutely true that fad diets promising rapid weight loss will always make people fatter in the end, due to the physiological mechanisms outlined in this article, it's also true that one needs willpower in order to do what really works: change one's life completely. No more buying junk when out shopping. No more slumping on the sofa gawping at mindless entertainments - go out for a walk, then a jog, then eventually when your body is ready for it, a run. Go to the gym at least 4 times per week so you can add muscle mass (burns more calories even when you're resting) and increase bone density. Few people are willing to do these things, which is why every year more US citizens get fatter and fatter. Most people want a quick-fix and aren't prepared to see slow incremental changes, nor to persist in a healthy lifestyle. They just want a magic pill or another stupid fad diet.

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