The USA has always been a size-is-everything culture and so food is generally bland; consequently people compensate by eating huge amounts. And as you rightly say, the typical US diet is basically processed slop that is full of salts and sugars and fats because the big food companies know these are the basic triggers for over-eating so it’s easy to addict consumers by adding these things to everything. I was shocked, upon first arriving in the USA, to discover they even add sugar (dextrose) to salt! And try to find bread that doesn’t have sugar (corn syrup) added to it…

I don’t see any hope for either the USA or the UK, as the latter appears to want to ape the USA in every way that a small damp island can manage. But I do hope that Europeans can make some attempt to resist the encroachment of McSlop and a total reliance on highly processed foods. I’d also like to imagine that one day there will be more reliable education regarding human physiology and how as obligate omnivores we require a complex series of inputs in order to function properly. Today “diet” means some pseudo-scientific fad, usually promoted by a know-nothing MD in a paperback book, that ultimately harms everyone who follows it for any significant period of time. Perhaps one day “diet” will mean a balanced intake of all essential nutrients from primary ingredients. It’s certainly the case that there’s enough clinical evidence now for us to make a very good start, if we make the effort to do the necessary research and restrict our purchases to raw inputs. Sadly even in Europe 80% of the so-called “food” in a typical supermarket is actually unfit for human consumption. In the USA that’s closer to 90%.

Hence: obesity and all the obesity-related diseases, poor cognitive function, and a wide range of neurological imbalances stemming from the lack of key nutritional inputs. Anything that takes us from a balanced omnivorous diet is ultimately deleterious in some way. And the SAD (Standard American Diet) is about as far from balanced as it’s possible to get.

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