The USA is particularly backward when it comes to sexuality. I remember when I first visited the USA in 1980 thinking, “this is Victorian England circa 1870, but with better toys.” Nothing has changed since then. So of course sexual attitudes are going to be, for the most part, exceedingly neurotic.

I’m a man who is interested in the (true) number of sexual partners a woman has had. Because I know from experience that if this number is less than around 40 or so, any sex we have together is less likely to be interesting and enjoyable.

In my experience (and this is of course purely anecdotal) a woman who’s had a reasonable number of partners (where reasonable is more than 40 and fewer than 400,000) is far more likely to be in tune with herself and therefore far more likely to be more engaged as a lover and as a person in general. In fact the more interesting the woman, the more people she’s likely been to bed with, because she’s smart enough to know that cultural norms are basically bullshit.

Hence I am interested in the number of partners my potential partner has had. Because it does matter. Only in precisely the opposite way that the typical US citizen happens to believe…

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