There are always emotionally and intellectually crippled people who eagerly become the dupes of those ready to exploit them. QAnon followers are the same sort of inadequates who followed Charles Manson, who swallowed the KoolAid when instructed to do so by Jim Jones, and who waited for UFOs to carry them away when the clocks ticked us into Y2K. These mindless delusionals are now empowered by the Internet and their sad little ravings are amplified but at the end of the day they are just the detritus of society, and while we can pity them we must be careful not to over-estimate their numbers. The real danger is not the tiny percentage of mentally ill people who lap up conspiracy theories but the seventy-two million dupes who voted for Trump because they too are utterly delusional and don't require, as stimulus for their delusions, the wild ravings of the inadequate psychotics who always throng to nonsense-peddling websites.

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