There is almost always an inverse correlation between the ability of a person to command a vast crowd and the average IQ of those comprising the aforesaid crowd. Intelligent people aren't interested in pathetic lies and simple-minded slogans; stupid people, however, adore these things because it's all their tiny intellects can encompass. When we look at the "great leaders" of history they were almost always incompetent charlatans, because no one does stupid like the truly stupid. That's what binds the "charismatic" leader to the audience: a shared lack of cognitive function. It's also why this kind of inter-relationship invariably leads to tyranny and then social and financial disaster. Trump was lucky enough to be Moron Of The Moment, but he's only a symptom of the deep malaise that exists in the USA. And after he's gone, the 43 million halfwits who think he's "great" will still be around, eager for their next flabby fatuous messiah.

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