There seems to be a significant difference between different societies regarding how the act of policing is performed and perceived. In Nordic countries, the Netherlands, and Sweden, as well as New Zealand and (mostly) Australia, police forces recruit relatively intelligent people with stable personalities and train them in a wide variety of non-lethal techniques to deal with drug abusers, those suffering from mental disturbances, as well as regular criminals. In such societies, levels of police brutality are very low and constructive interactions with a wide range of civilians are very high. Conversely in the USA, as with most South American and several Asian nations, police officers are far less intelligent, tend to have inadequate personalities for whom power, uniform, and group membership are desirable, and training is absolutely abysmal. Thus in the USA, the police are too often merely thugs in uniform acting with near-total impunity. The question arises: why such disparities between civilized nations and the USA? Perhaps the USA's basis in a slave-oriented culture has much to answer for.

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