There’s a fundamental difference between erotic and pornographic. With the former, it’s all about creating a world inside the head of the audience, a world that is arousing and enticing. With the latter it’s basically just gymnastics. Many years ago I realized trad porn is like British pantomime: a series of stock characters and stock occurrences, people going through tired old motions. The only difference is that with porn the audience doesn’t get to shout “Behind you!” (though perhaps it should…).

Perhaps because there’s no rigorous feedback mechanism operating between porn makers and porn consumers, the former just keep on repeating the same tired old formula because enough people watch it for them to think they’re supplying the right product. And given that the average attention span these days is around 8 seconds, it may well be the case that for a great many people a more erotic approach would seem boring. Movies have gone down the same road — no plot, no characterization, just tons of CGI action because that’s what the majority wants.

In short, as with all things, the majority taste is less sophisticated than the minority taste. Most people just want McSlop; they don’t care about Michelin-toqued restaurants. Most people are content with vacuous pop music; they don’t listen to Mozart or Prokofiev. Maybe there’s a small market for well-made erotic porn but today no one seems to want to take the risk to find out.

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