There’s always a tremendous room for wishful thinking when looking at fragments from civilizations from which little or no writing remains. Think of the fairytales that rose up regarding Knossos, by way of merely one example.
What anthropologists see when they study the few remaining hunter-gatherer tribes in the Amazon and in PNG is without exception male-dominated societies in which the alpha male (the tribal chief) has a harem. Lower-ranking males frequently resort to raiding other tribes in order to carry off women as chattel.

It’s difficult to envisage a golden age when somehow all human behavior for which today there’s rich documentary evidence somehow was different; it’s far easier to envisage the standard human wishful thinking and wish projection.

So I remain a bit skeptical, but as always we need to look and see what solid evidence there is for either proposition, rather than merely what people infer from very scanty remains.

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