There's an inherent conflict between what's good for certain types of politician and what's good for the nation as a whole. Populism, and the cynical opportunists who ride the wave to power, is based on ignorance and simple-mindedness. It's therefore clearly in the interests of certain politicians to ensure that people remain ignorant and simple-minded. The US Republican Party has since the Nixon campaign in 1968 relentlessly targeted those on the unfortunate end of the Gaussian distribution of IQ and its power base is now entirely reliant on keeping people intellectually stagnant. In the UK everyone's favorite clown Boris has grasped the importance of doing the same thing, so we can be sure that UK education, such as it is, will see a similar decline over the coming years. Our core problem is the very concept of representative democracy, which is hopelessly unfit for purpose, but that's a tale for another time.

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