There’s overwhelming clinical evidence that once people commit to a belief it’s nearly impossible for them to accept information that contradicts their beliefs. This is especially true of simple-minded people. As Trump draws nearly all his support from the intellectually under-privileged, it’s not surprising that their attitudes are backward and their denial skills are prominent. They lack the cognitive mechanisms necessary to deal with reality and it is so much easier to simply spout the memes and sound-bites they’ve been fed, imagining that these are their own “thoughts.”

The hard fact is that a great many people are not very pleasant and not very bright, and when you gather them all together and give them nice red hats they become a mindless drooling howling mob. In a democracy, that’s often all you need to seize power — which is one of the many reasons why we’re seeing the collapse of representative democracy all around the world now. Trump is merely the USA’s symptom of this problem; the creatures prancing and posturing elsewhere are nearly as vile and repellent. Sadly, history shows us that such disgusting creatures rarely suffer for their actions.

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