There’s something deeply troubling about US society. Too fat? Take a pill! Too stressed? Take a mushroom! Rather than trying to apply band-aids over the real problem, why not… (wait for it, wait for it)… address the real problem instead? If your work is causing you, in your twenties, to feel burned out then clearly there’s something very wrong with the job and the way you’re approaching it. Self-medicating in a desperate attempt to feel less stressed is no different from double martinis at lunchtime or incessant smoking of countless cigarettes. Far better to step back for a moment, look at why you’re feeling so bad, and then decide whether or not it may be more sane and healthy to change your life choices than to continue down a dead-end. When I feel stressed I go for a long run. I eat healthy foods and I focus on the things that really matter to me (hence no TV, no US “news”) like my family and friends. As a result I live a pretty low-stress life and at 61 my health is superior to most US citizens less than half my age. Maybe that’s a smarter approach than desperately seeking self-medication with mushrooms or anything else.

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