This article provided an excellent overview of the various issues surrounding diet, but unfortunately fell into precisely the kind of false reasoning trap the author correctly ascribes to anti-veganism. The idea that there is only a choice between veganism and supporting the barbaric and profoundly unhealthy US food system is false. Of course we should consume less meat, and of course the meat we do consume should come from animals that have been permitted to graze on land unsuitable for growing crops. This would reduce our consumption of animal flesh to around 5% - 10% of our total intake, which would be healthy and morally responsible. The animals would live far better lives (as would we, in terms of health) and we'd be acquiring the various nutritional elements our bodies require without being reliant on various supplements. The current US agricultural scene is indeed totally indefensible, disgusting, and profoundly unhealthy, but that does in no way imply that there's a binary choice between this form of food production and veganism. It's a shame the article goes down this intellectual dead-end, because it began more coherently.

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