This is an amusing article, Tony, but sadly not grounded in facts. Perhaps we live on quite different planets, but the idea of the EU throwing the US out and abandoning NATO is as likely as us both witnessing a fairy riding on the back of a unicorn. What is clear, and for some reason unmentioned in your article, is that representative democracy has led the USA and the UK onto a one-way path of self-destruction. Yet we believe magically democracy can be the answer! How, exactly, ignorant foolish people can en mass deliver wise and feasible outcomes is always left blithely unmentioned lest its inherent impossibility be revealed. As for covid-19 killing millions in the USA when in every other nation including the hardest-hit the mortality rate remains well under one-tenth of one percent, I think we're back to the fairy on the unicorn once again. I recommend facts based on hard data - it's amazing what facts can tell us if only we can be bothered to look.

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