This isn’t the first time (and it surely won’t be the last) when we see people ignoring the seamy side of things in order to retain a simple-minded black/white up/down mentality. Think of all the “useful idiots” of the 1920s and 1930s who lauded Stalin’s USSR for being an anti-capitalist utopia. Hey, so what if a few tens of millions die of enforced starvation and millions more disappear into the gulags? Something about eggs & omelettes, right?

The principal difference between right & left seems to be that the right consciously embraces its modes of operation while the left pretends those modes don’t exist or are irrelevant. But both operate from a position of ultra-simplistic thinking and both appeal to people who need simplistic answers to complex questions, who need to follow a Great Leader, and who need to be told in clear terms what to do.

As others have observed, if you go far-left enough you end up on the far-right, and vice-versa.

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