Trump got to be Prez because he has three kinds of voters behind him. The first category are the saddest and most contemptible: those who vote the Republican ticket merely because they always have; it’s “their team” and they’d vote for Hitler or Stalin if those two had the foresight to be on the ballot with an R next to their names.

The second category are the very, very stupid people. There are a great many of these folk. They look at Trump and see themselves in him: infantile, profoundly ignorant, thick as sh*t, yet somehow supposedly a success and they want to associate themselves with him because maybe, somehow, they too might therefore not be the total losers they’ve been to date.

The third category, the smallest but not least significant, are those who’ve been hiding under rocks and in dark places for years. Trump validates their ultra-right-wing racism and fascism and they know it’s their time to come out to play.

None of these three categories will disappear after Trump is gone and rightfully forgotten. That’s why the USA has no future.

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