Trump is not the problem, despite being a repellent and incompetent moron. The problem is representative democracy. This fundamentally inadequate system has led to populists the world over gaining power because most people are ignorant and foolish and easily duped. Trump is not an isolated phenomenon: Modi, Orban, Babis, Duterte, Brexit, PiS, AfD, Bolsonaro, Le Pen, Salvini, and countless others have all benefited from the tsunami of mindless populism/nationalism that has swept the globe in recent years. The hard fact is that democracy is doomed to turn into tyranny for precisely the reasons Plato articulated more than 2,500 years ago and we're seeing this play out in front of our very eyes. A naive belief in democracy is utterly insufficient. We need to start thinking and stop "believing in democracy" because that is no different from Trumpies believing in their baby-man hero.

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