Twenty years of careful work by gun control advocates has yielded… a nation in which 33,000+ people die of gunshot wounds every year, year in and year out. If this is success, what on Earth would failure look like? Oh, wait, it would look like 33,000+ gunshot deaths per year.

The reality is that no amount of reason will alter the status quo in the USA. The gun lobby is too entrenched, the GoP too dependent on its low-IQ base who worship guns, and Hollywood is too dependent on throwing guns at everything in order to churn out an endless stream of corrosive trash. The only way any of this insanity will diminish is by emotional appeal, because only a tiny percentage of US citizens will ever support any policy merely because it makes sense.

Frankly O’Rourke’s outburst will make no difference. The GoP will always shill for the gun industry, the low-IQ folk will always think their guns “keep us free,” and Hollywood will continue to rely on violence and guns to spice up its McJunk for the mind. The USA will forever be an insane outlier among the OECD nations, unique in its apathy regarding the continued daily slaughter.

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