Um, well…. I’ve had wives (three in total) and to be honest it was always me doing all the stuff you mentioned as well as working 70+ hours per week (usually as CEO of one startup or another) and also looking after two growing children. None of my wives did much except complain about whatever it was that I hadn’t yet got to, or about the fact I spent “too much” time with my children.

Maybe if you tossed the TV, ignored 90% of social media, and engineered in some personal time for exercise, meditation, whatever, then the job wouldn’t seem quite so important and you’d feel a little better about carving out time here & there to sort out what are obviously inconvenient but, in the grand scheme of things, minor problems? I mean, without wishing to sound condescending, granite counter-tops etc. are very first-world problems and nothing to stress over. But then I grew up in third-world countries and saw children dead in the ditch from starvation before I was 10 years old, so my perspective is a little different…

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