Unfortunately it seems that several of the assertions have dubious foundations. One of the reasons shaming is a strategy that humans have always employed is because, under certain conditions, it is in fact highly effective. Likewise embarrassment. But the biggest flaw in the argument presented in the article is the notion that the putative Trump supporter would accidentally create a gap between their "ideal" president and the orange moron they've given themselves unreservedly to. As it turns out, an enormous number of Trumpies genuinely believe Trump is the ideal president, and after Trump is gone they'll believe the same thing of whoever replaces him in the Republican pantheon. Hence the core strategy proposed in this article is doomed from the start. We must accept that in the real world there are a great many problems for which there are either no solutions at all, or for which solutions are so long-term as to be worthless. It's up for debate which of the two options we should choose in this particular case.

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