We seem to be living in a world of humorless people whose primary occupation is seeking out opportunities to express outrage at someone else's behavior. While outrage is justified at times - one thinks of creatures like Trump prancing across the world stage and defecating on everything they touch - mostly it's just contrived. Black humor, as you state, is a fundamental mechanism for dealing with terrible things, as anyone who's served in a European military unit will know well. Black humor grows out of deprivation, which is why Eastern European humor is often (still) so dark. And being able to laugh at one's own foibles is an excellent indicator of sanity. Sadly, the inability to see humor anywhere has now become fashionable and no doubt we'll have to suffer through a decade or more of fabricated anger until the trend expires and people move onto the next transiently fashionable posture. But at least we can laugh about it.

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