We tend to imagine that the totally anomalous period 1950-1980 was in fact normal, whereas in reality normality is people living under de facto tyranny of one form or another, and the rich monopolizing assets and power. The economic circumstances pertaining to the post WWII period were unique; we're merely returning to the norm now. While it's nice to imagine that as individuals we can make a difference, the hard facts of history show that most people embrace despotism because they imagine it is a reflection of their "patriotism." Ordinary people are rather stupid and never see the obvious even when it's right under their noses. Hence ordinary people are the problem and always enable those at the apex of power to succeed. The very few people who are capable of coherent thought are often the first to be purged because they risk upsetting the status quo - which ordinary people absolutely hate. Ordinary people just want simple stories and certainty. Despots provide those things.

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