Wendy, I sympathize with your predicament and have known several women in a similar situation. If it's any help, knowing the real facts about SARS-CoV2 (as opposed to the sensationalism presented by the media in order to maintain their ad revenues) shows clearly that for all the hype, were it not for the media we wouldn't even have noticed covid-19. Now that several nations have succeeded in population-wide testing it's apparent more than 90% of people who are infected experience no symptoms at all; of the remainder nearly all have a mild cold. Now that doctors have ceased putting people into induced comas in order to intubate them (a very dangerous practice even at the best of times) the mortality rate has fallen greatly, and even the very worst-hit countries have experienced a per capita mortality rate of less than one-tenth of one percent. To put this in perspective, nearly ten times as many people die each week from smoking-related diseases, and nearly four times as many die from obesity-related diseases. And we don't notice these deaths at all.

Secondly, you may not have been well-served by the US Disney notion of "true love" and "happily ever after." Life is a series of changes, over most of which we have little or no control. Learning to spot the unexpected joys and opportunities for pleasure will yield far better outcomes than trying to match reality against a broken model.

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