We’re evolved to be using our bodies constantly. Modern life causes us to be sedentary. The deleterious effects aren’t only manifest in one’s sex life but in one’s health in general. Stress leads to auto-immune issues running from inflammation to allergies to certain types of cancer, not to mention bowel dysfunction and the many aches & pains you’ve experienced. Exercise is the best possible way not only to reduce stress but to ensure your body is able to function in physiologically normative ways. This will improve your overall energy, focus, and attitude as well as reducing your lifetime risk of a wide range of ailments.

I was a single parent for many years, running a startup, and having various other calls on my time. I realized that I didn’t need to watch videos on the Internet (I’ve not owned a TV for more than 30 years, as the content available is nothing more than McSlop for the brain) nor occupy myself in various other time-consuming but non-beneficial ways. The result was that by ensuring that I always had at least an hour of strenuous exercise in my daily routine I actually had more time (because I needed less sleep) than otherwise. Likewise consciously letting go of unnecessary stress is essential — most things most people get worked up about aren’t actually all that important. My go-to question is always, “will anyone die if X?” Almost always the answer is “no” and therefore in the grand scheme of things, X doesn’t really matter and so X shouldn’t be a source of worry. It sounds simple, and it is.

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