What's notably absent is fact-checking beliefs against reliable data. While conspiracy theorists are sad and delusional, the sensationalist media reportage we've all been subjected to over the last seven months is hardly less misleading than the most convoluted conspiracy theory. It seems no one can be bothered to look at WHO and CDC data (not claims, not recommendations, not assertions, but just raw data) and draw the obvious conclusions. Instead, we're all fear driven: either fear of non-existent conspiracies or fear of what is in reality an extremely minor threat compared to the others we deal with on a daily basis. It's a shame so few can be bothered to look at data, preferring instead to swallow whole whatever eyeball-grabbing nonsense the mass media foists on us in order to maintain their ad revenues. Worse yet is the USA, where everything is viewed through the distorting mirror of political affiliation. Yet the data is there for all to see, if only one can be bothered to make the slightest effort.

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