While anyone with more than zero functioning neurons in their frontal cortex sees Trump for what he is, it's important to address the fact that he is where he is precisely because nearly 43 million US voters are even more stupid than he is. So long as we continue to pretend that representative democracy is a vaguely adequate approach to governance, we will get more Trumps. The idea that ignorant foolish people voting for blustering incompetents is a "smart and stable genius" way to arrange our affairs is no different from believing that a magic pixie has an infallible "plan" for the likes of Trump. Our world is too complex, and the stakes are far too high, for us to continue to cling to approaches that are hopelessly unfit for purpose. Sadly we're incapable of reform, so we'll just have to accept the fact that a new Dark Ages is coming, and hope that afterwards some clever people say, "let's not do that again." But if you think Trump is a disaster, just wait until you see what's coming over the next 20 years.

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