While I concur with your assessment of farming practices, the absurd over-use of herbicides etc. and the crazy distorting effects of government subsidies, the central thesis of your article (that the self-reported increase in gluten sensitivity) is a direct result of farming methods that have, by some unexplained means, altered the chemical composition of wheat. As far as I am aware there’s no reliable scientific evidence to validate this assumption. Furthermore, we know from many prior examples of mass hysteria that the apparent increase in gluten sensitivity is far more likely to be the result of the popularization of an entirely incorrect notion rather than being the result of real biochemical changes. So while I agree that the modern industrial system of farming is quite mad, and that we should be eating far fewer industrially processed foods, we need to be very careful indeed about ascribing cause and effect when the evidence for any real phenomenon (in this case, gluten sensitivity) is sparse to non-existent. Just because millions of people have read glossy magazine articles or Internet blogs about something and thereafter believe they are experiencing symptoms doesn’t in fact mean much at all except to show, once again, how very susceptible we humans are to suggestion.

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