While I personally believe that more subtle thought often leads to more adequate outcomes than simple-minded polar oppositions, I’m not sure we need to invoke quantum mechanics as a metaphor. Nor do I believe that using such a metaphor will lead to any kind of cognitive improvement in 99.9% of the general population.

The reason we see mindless nonsense like the US abortion debate is not because our metaphors are inadequate but because our brains are inadequate. Most people aren’t very bright and seek “answers” to complex problems they cannot understand; thus they are attracted to simple “solutions” because the simple is all they can grasp.

Furthermore, often the apparent debate is not the actual issue. Why is abortion such an emotive subject in the USA whereas the rest of the OECD long ago worked out adequate solutions? Because in the USA the GoP can use the topic as a dog-whistle to rile its simple-minded base. Without abortion, GoP politicians would have to work slightly harder to get re-elected. Metaphors for conceptualization are powerless to effect any change under such conditions.

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