While it would be delightful to imagine that any of Trump’s supporters could be influenced in any way by the impeachment proceedings, empirical evidence would suggest the opposite. As we already know the Republican Party will under no circumstances whatsoever vote to find Trump guilty and indeed are already clear about violating their Constitutional oath to be impartial (by collaborating with the White House in Trump’s defense), it is obvious that the USA has a sham democracy in which retention of power is the only guiding principle observed by the GoP. As the Democratic Party remains incapable of understanding the true situation and will remain engaged in a pointless morass of virtue-signaling irrelevant to 60% of all Democratic voters, it is equally clear that Trump will win re-election in 2020.

So all in all, the impeachment is merely empty noise that helps the media meet its need for constant sensation; it has no bearing on the present or the future and is merely one more symptom of the total slow-motion collapse of the USA. The real question is: what will follow? How will the States fragment? How much blood will be spilled? How far will infrastructure degrade as the economy sinks? Will a coup be attempted?

These are far more interesting and germane topics than the empty spectacle of an already-pointless impeachment.

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