While it would be nice to imagine that the USA’s decline into tyranny can be slowed, or even halted, thanks to installing a different person in the White House at the end of Trump’s first term, the harsh reality is otherwise. Just like nuclear weapons, the lesson Trump has taught cannot be un-invented nor unlearned. Trump showed clearly that the USA has no ability to withstand tyranny provided a sufficiently large minority of citizens can be rallied behind the cause. The Republican Party cravenly bowed to Lord Trump because 43 million drooling howling dull-eyed citizens made it clear they wanted Trump as Overlord and every Republican politician hoping to garner votes realized that the only game in town was obsequious submission.

Out there, right now, is a much more self-controlled and more intelligent man than Trump (which, let’s face it, wouldn’t be difficult because Trump is an infantile moron with the impulse control of a gnat). This man has understood the lesson Trump has accidentally taught: absolute power is there for the taking.

Trump won’t be the last US President. He’s too stupid and infantile to follow through. But he has ushered in the last President through his example. Sure, there’s a 100-to-1 chance the Democratic nominee may gain the White House in 2020 but it won’t matter. That’s like a plane nose-diving into the ground but for a few seconds plummeting with a fractional lift of the nose before resuming its one-way worship of gravity. Within the next 12 years the very last US President will take office, and he will be a much darker and much more violent man than the orange cretin could ever be.

Plato pointed out more than 2,500 years ago that democracy must always end in tyranny because a large minority of the population will always be easy prey for blustering demagogues. It’s a shame so few people bother to read history.

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