While it’s always charming to imagine that people are more clever than they really are, and therefore that things are planned rather than being stochastic, I suspect the reality is twofold: firstly, that Pelosi could no longer stall demands to proceed with impeachment, and secondly that nothing matters because the Republicans will support Trump even if he nukes California and hands CIA operatives to the FSB on a golden platter. This is because the Republican Party has no interest in anything other than clinging on to the illusion of power. Today, that means pandering to nearly 43 million dull-eyed drooling voters who are so ignorant, intellectually indolent, and simple-minded that they think Trump is a suitable person to reside in the White House. As they are so simple-minded, no amount of real-world information can change what one can euphemistically refer to as their “minds.” Hence Trump is innocent, the impeachment is a pointless sideshow, and the USA is definitively over regardless of who follows the verminous orange cretin into the White House in 2024. The GoP sold the USA down the river and that’s all that matters. Meanwhile the Democrats continue to squabble and out-virtue-signal each other, totally clueless about the reality of the situation.

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