While it's easy to make theoretical recommendations about how to remedy a very grave situation, the article fails entirely to address the fundamental reason Europe has failed so abjectly to be a safe haven for those most in need. The hard fact is that a great many European citizens aren't very intelligent and are very bigoted. Under a system of representative democracy in which anyone, no matter how ignorant and stupid, has a vote equal to that of the tiny number of people who are well-informed and intellectually competent, it is inevitable that the great mass of less adequate citizens will dominate the political discourse. This in turn means that populists seeking personal advantage will use this mob to further their own interests by pandering to bigotry and amplifying (and even creating) false narratives. It is unrealistic, within such a system, to expect wise and humane policy to result. Furthermore, the inherent defects of representative democracy are amplified by the mass media, which is perpetually reliant on manufacturing sensationalism in order to generate revenue. Thus the ignorant and foolish are reinforced in their ignorance and folly, and not surprisingly popular policy has catastrophic negative effects. Sadly it is not possible to see how to remedy the fundamental systemic flaws of representative democracy and thus ideas about ameliorating the plight of refugees appear hopeless.

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