While it’s interesting to see that pricing policy has resulted in conditions that are effectively contrary to social distancing policy it’s probably worth bearing in mind that your assessment of the relative risk of covid-19 has been heavily influenced by an irresponsibly sensationalist mass media. It is salutary to remember that we’ve had covid-19 circulating the planet for at least the last 5 months and to date around 300,000 people have died. In other words, fewer people have died from covid-19 than from regular flu. Countries like Sweden have not experienced existential threat to life despite having no lockdown at all. Regarding fellow-humans as a danger to one’s own life is a reaction inculcated by persistent exposure to media sensationalism and is not supported by real-life facts. We need to be mindful of the fact that what the media feeds us is based on their need to grab eyeballs in order to boost the value of ad slots. They have little interest in non-sensational presentation.

In short, you can relax. You’re not going to die because someone sat next to you.

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