While personally I'm a huge fan of satire, the danger is that others aren't aware of the satirical intent and take things literally. Regarding the purported conversation with religionists - a doomed attempt if ever there was one - so many things are missing. Obviously inventing one or more gods to explain anything is pointless because one must then ask, "so where do the gods come from?" An answer along the lines of "the gods were always there" shows how empty the regression is. More importantly, however, we do in fact see evolution occurring around us all the time. Wallace came to his own realization of evolution by seeing how white cabbage butterflies had branched into a new, black, species around Manchester in order to blend in with the dark soot that had become the prevailing background color during the industrial revolution. And we see bacteria and viruses evolving constantly. Any religionist who doesn't believe in evolution should be denied antibiotics beyond penicillin, because according to the creationist viewpoint no bacteria could possibly have evolved resistance over the last 70 years. Their subsequent death from toxemia will provide a certain satisfaction to those of us who possess a few functioning neurons in our frontal cortex.

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