While some of these facts are amusing, the reality is much less so. The truth is the IRS is unfit for purpose. Ancient computing systems, absurd regulations, and a culture of sub-mediocrity ensure that stifling bureaucracy is the norm. It's not really surprising that a significant percentage of people still haven't received theri $1200 stimulus check, months after these were supposed to be sent out to every eligible citizen. My accountant tells me at least half his clients hadn't received theirs as of 15th August 2020 (and yes, I'm one of them). Most egregious of all is the fact that the IRS targets people earning between $75k and $250k per year as "auditable" on the grounds that higher earners will simply hire a tax attorney who will run rings around the IRS, so it's not worth trying to audit them regardless of how outrageous their tax-avoidance schemes may be.

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