While the balance of evidence favors the cross-species origin explanation, we need to pause and clear our heads of our media-induced coronapanic and realize that if SARS-CoV-2 really did get accidentally released from the Wuhan lab then it was almost certainly in consequence of an experiment to tinker with the virus to render it infectious but totally harmless. While it's easy to get hysterical about 3.5 million deaths as an abstract number, this really means that after nearly 20 months this supposedly catastrophic virus has killed 0.044% of the world's population - and mostly the very old, the very sick, and the obese. In other words, if someone was attempting to kill people they'd release smallpox (would kill 30%+ of the population within months) or some other suitable pathogen. They certainly wouldn't have imagined covid-19 to be any use whatsoever as a means of spreading death. It's only the sensationalist and highly irresponsible mass media that caused us to notice covid-19 at all; we don't notice the nearly ten times as many people who die each day from lifestyle-induced diseases so we certainly wouldn't have noticed covid-19 had it not been for the fact the media discovered how great it was for grabbing eyeballs and thereby boosting ad revenues.

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