While the USA seems incapable of regarding SARS-COV-2 as anything but a political phenomenon (Trumpies pretending it doesn't exist, terrified liberals believing everything they're fed by irresponsible sensationalist media) it's actually better to look at the data. When we do that, what do we see? In places where testing has been rolled out widely, it turns out more than 90% of infections are totally asymptomatic. Of the remainder, very few require hospital treatment and now that doctors have finally realized putting people into induced coma in order to intubate them was killing around 70% of cases, we see the hospitalization death rate much diminished. Furthermore, as countries like Sweden show (and as the search for a vaccine confirms) the more people who become immune, the less the probability of additional infections. And even in the worst-hit places, the per capita mortality rate is generally less than one-tenth of one percent. Which is not at all the existential crisis the media pretends. Meanwhile, we conveniently forget there are costs to every action. As we comfortably whip ourselves into mass hysteria, the global shutdown has put more than four hundred million people at acute risk of premature death (WHO data): far more than even the most hysterical projection of "lives saved." As for the dead Trumpie, data also shows that obesity dramatically increases risk of death from absolutely every cause, SARS-COV-2 included. So things aren't as simple as you seem to imagine and the moral of the story is actually quite different. Unless we don't care about 400 million people merely because they have dark skins and the Western media is carefully avoiding all mention of the fate to which we've consigned them so hastily.

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