While there is undoubtedly a lot of misinformation and even more misleading information about SARS-Cov2 everywhere we look, this article is merely part of the problem. It seems everyone wants to maintain the tide of sensationalism that stokes irrational fear, instead of looking at the data and seeing what it really tells us. The intentional conflation between infection and death nicely overlooks the fact that 99.5% of infections do not lead to death, and in fact recent data indicates more than 90% don't lead to any symptoms at all. As for the tiny number of young people who have died - no mention in the article of their underlying conditions which made them uniquely susceptible. The facts are available; it's just a shame no body can be bothered to look and see what they are really telling us: were it not for the mass media pushing out endless sensationalism about the virus, we'd never even have noticed it. If you think that's unlikely, remember this: smoking-related diseases kill nearly ten times as many people as covid-19 every single month, year after year, and we don't notice a thing simply because the media doesn't present it to us as a pretend existential threat. If people bothered to interrogate the data we'd have a lot less folly in the world.


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