While this is a sensible article with good advice, it entirely fails to recognize the importance of fad diets, which add hundreds of millions of dollars to the US economy every year, and even more in terms of GDP when we consider the health care costs incurred by people on keto, Adkins, and similar diets who go on to wreck their bodies in an entirely predictable (but, apparently, not to them...) way that results in chronic illness. If we were all to eat sensibly and exercise every day, who would buy all the NYT best-seller diet books? Who would buy all those amusing ready-made meals? In short, what would all the gullible people do with their time and money? It's important to recognize that health isn't as important as generating revenues for those who profit from peddling nonsense. Putting health first would fundamentally undermine the very basis of US society today. So for goodness' sake, rush out and buy that 48-oz sugary soda, those potato chips, and that double-bypass ultracheeseburger with supersized fries. The US economy is counting on you.

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