While your curiosity and courage are admirable, one hopes you won't repeat the experiment. You saw up-close the most basic human traits: lack of consistency-checking, mob mentality, mindless repetition of someone else's memes, the joy of violence. Our species is, for the most part, just baboons with whizzy toys and we predictably behave in group-primate ways when triggered by the right circumstances. Unfortunately, as Plato pointed out 2,500 years ago, democracy always inevitably makes such circumstances inevitable as it elevates the ignorant and foolish at the expense of the (very few) informed and intelligent. We are thus living through the end of our accidental experiment with representative democracy; the horrors are just beginning. Much worse is to come. We must hope that, perhaps centuries from now, a different model of governance is attempted. People forget that all of human history bar a handful of decades has been lived under tyranny of one form or another, many of them "democratic." We're simply returning to the normal state of affairs after a unique and highly anomalous period. Most people will comply with the new regime, some will imagine it to be "patriotic," some will be sent to the camps. It's all very predictable.

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