Why NATO Is Finished

Forget the journalistic babble; the facts tell a different story

Allan Milne Lees
9 min readSep 7, 2023
NATO / OTAN HQ. Image credit: NATO

The generic feel-good narrative promulgated by news media in the West is that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has galvanized NATO and resulted in Western nations banding together to send aid to plucky Ukraine so that it can defend itself against the barbaric Russian hordes.

Like far too many narratives fabricated by the mass media in order to grab and monetize fickle eyeballs, this is both absurdly simplistic and wildly misleading.

So let’s look at the facts.

What NATO really did in 2022 was demonstrate a total lack of cohesion and instead a commitment to abject indecisiveness. This is because NATO is not a monolithic organization but in reality merely a loose collection of sovereign nations that disagree wildly on nearly every geopolitical topic. NATO also lacks any mechanism for imposing discipline, without which command and control is rendered impossible. This is why Hungary and Turkey (both NATO members) regularly flaunt NATO strategic interests and instead act to assist geopolitical adversaries.

The USA, NATO’s key member, assumed Kyiv would quickly fall and famously offered Zelensky not military aid but a ride out of town. The mindless British PM at the time (Fat Boris) claimed on the eve of the…



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