Yes, the corona virus is having a global impact — an impact far beyond what’s reasonable given the data we have on spread and morbidity. Everyone is panicking (Italy to the forefront) and life is being disrupted. But the data currently available indicates that transmission rates aren’t pandemic-worthy, and the morbidity rate is likewise not indicative of something we really would need to care about. I’ve been analyzing the data, which is more than the mass media has been doing. And comparing corona virus data to other relevant diseases is important to create a sense of perspective, which is always lacking in sensationalist media reporting.

Here’s the deal: panicking and blindly running around because the media tells us to is not a meaningful response. What do we know about the corona virus? It largely kills those with poor health and weakened immune systems. If we really truly don’t want to fall victim to the corona virus or any other flu-like virus (or indeed to the flu itself, as it comes around annually each time with a mutated protein coat) then we should be taking more care of our health as a matter of routine.

In the USA 86% of the population is fat and indolent and consequently have weakened immune systems. Most people don’t wash their hands with sufficient frequency and assiduity. Furthermore, most people don’t get sufficient micro-nutrients in their diet, which further weakens the immune system.

So instead of rushing off to buy pointless face masks and panicking blindly, it would actually behoove us to (i) take more exercise, (ii) stop eating McSlop, (iii) eat a far more adequate diet, and (iv) wash our hands more adequately, especially before touching our faces and touching food.

But the media doesn’t mention any of this because it’s not sensational and it wouldn’t boost ad revenue. The fact is, we’re going to die of obesity-related diseases, cardiovascular disease, flu, cancer, automobile accidents, gunshot violence, and a host of other predictable but not media-worthy incidents. If even as many as 10,000 deaths are eventually attributed to the corona virus (which I doubt, given the current epidemiological data) that means 99.99999% of us are not going to die of the corona virus. Perspective is everything.

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