Your argument is, as was Hume’s itself, entirely reasonable, coherent, and rational. The fact that a majority of our species even today continues to believe in invisible magical creatures and childish fairytales serves to reveal something very important about our cognitive limitations. Any intelligent person who is fortunate enough to live in a society in which information is moderately easy to obtain and which does not threaten the exercise of reason will conclude that religionism is incoherent, dysfunctional, and absurd. If this is a reasonable axiom (and it is easy to demonstrate its formal correctness) we’re forced to conclude through weight of evidence that most people are not intelligent. As non-intelligent people can’t understand the reasoning that undermines their beliefs, they can persist in their attachment to childish fairytales undisturbed, in much the same way a blind person would be forever immune to the charms of a Degas painting.


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